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(this journal is restored from my backup, the images are maybe not exactly the same)

Extreme deep zooms in mostly the border of the Mandelbrot set you can find in the gallery of :icondinkydauset: He use fractal eXtreme, a very "easy to handle" and fast software (which sorry not is free) for deep zooms in the Mandelbrot set and its relatives. Below some of those. They must be seen downloaded or at least in full views in order to see all the subtle details. Some of those have extreme unusual patterns without using any filters :omg: Below some appetizers, all from the the hidden depth of the border of the ordinary Mandelbrot set:

Stripe by DinkydauSetOther worlds' frightening digital by DinkydauSetMinecraft by DinkydauSet
CPU fan by DinkydauSetGolden spider by DinkydauSetCraquelure by DinkydauSet
1938 by DinkydauSetGouden zoom 2 by DinkydauSetGouden zoom 3 by DinkydauSet

World map by DinkydauSetWrecked by DinkydauSetJulia-in-Julia 2 by DinkydauSet
Smooth by DinkydauSetTango Sector by DinkydauSetJulio Tulio by DinkydauSet
Why no Seahorse-head nebula? by DinkydauSetLethal Weapon by DinkydauSetSlate by DinkydauSet
Two-headed snake by DinkydauSetDouble Heart by DinkydauSetDames en heren by DinkydauSet

Eyes closed by DinkydauSetSheila2 by DinkydauSetPaint bucket by DinkydauSet

Owl of Minerva by DinkydauSetComplexity of a line 3 by DinkydauSet

Don't forget his zoom animation :wow: It clearly shows (like the motives in his gallery) that besides the same patterns are repeated in smaller and smaller scales, also the complexity is increasing forever as the zoom gets deeper and deeper :omg: :faint: He has some more in this part of his gallery. See also the zoom animations in my journal Cool Fractal Animations on YouTube.

He has also a gallery for UF fractals and another gallery for Apophysis. He also have some other gallery. He is both a fractal explorer and a fractal artist. But for that discussion, see my journal See also my old journal Outstanding Gallery of Naked Mandelbrot motives from 2008 in the same theme.

Journal History

What do you think and feel about having an RFID chip implantaion in your hand? See my journal… 

94 deviants said No, I really do NOT wanna have a microchip in my hand cause Big Brother will have absolutely control of me :noes:
27 deviants said No, I really do NOT wanna have a microchip in my hand because what the last book in the Bible says about the Mark of the Beast :fear:
10 deviants said Yes, I really wanna have a microchip in my hand cause I don't need to care about my id-cards or passport or what I have laid my purse (all of those are linked to my RFID chip) :wow:
5 deviants said Yes, I really wanna have a microchip in my hand for the sake of my own security and be distinguished from the bad guys :fight:


Ingvar Kullberg
Current Residence: A little village in the south of Sweden
Favourite style of art: Raw escape fractals
Operating System: Win 7 on my stationary, Ubuntu 12.04 on my lap



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FractalMonster Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
My very pleasure :rose:
MethusulaComics Featured By Owner 1 day ago
thanks for the fave. tell others about this TTP nonsense.
FractalMonster Featured By Owner 1 day ago
My very pleasure :) I am a member of the Swedish Pirate Party who is also fighting against this shit.

BTW, have you heard about this group? The TTP nonsense is the sure one of those thins that are discussed during their "not secret, but private" meetings :hmm:
MethusulaComics Featured By Owner 1 day ago
have you ever considered that conspiracy theorist providers are the actual NWO and are just exploiting the clumsiness of the government?
FractalMonster Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Well, the aim of that journal was just an attempt to expose the fact that the Bilderberg Group actually exist. For some years ago the mere existence was regarded as a conspiracy theory. Today nobody deny their existence. Todays question is mere what they actually are doing, and if you go through the links you see they go to "both side". On the other hand  the word "conspiracy" seems to have change it sense a little bit. Even Gerard Battern, who I first linked to, felt it necessary to declare he was not a conspiracy theorist, when he was interviewed during the demonstration outside the meeting in Watford 2013.

NWO has many senses, but regarding the sense of some kind of "World Government", there is at least ONE powerful person that openly advocate such one, Gideon Rachman, a columinist on Financial Times, you may read his 3-sided article from 2008 below (I've witten it out as pdf),

And Now for a World Government

Sorry, I maybe misinterpreted  your reply a little bit, but yet ;)
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0bsidianFire Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for the fave! :ninjaeat:
FractalMonster Featured By Owner 1 day ago
My pleasure :) You have some nice pieces in your gallery :clap: Regarding fractals: If you wanna try some free simple "Mandel and Julia" type of fractal software, go to this journal. You don't need to know the math behind :wow: Maybe you would appreciate my Chaotic series of fractal articles (<- click) if you have a little theoretical interest ;)

Regarding deep zooms in the Mandelbrot set, if you check out my deviation Cauliflowerfort and click the link under "Artist's Comments", from page 4 you can follow the entire zoom sequence in 28 steps :wow:

In this journal you have some links to cool fractal animations I stumbled over at YouTube :wow:

.. and from the middle of the nineties there is a fantastic TV program about fractals, Colors of Infinity by Arthur Clarke :) Really beautiful soundtracks of Pink Floyd :aww:
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