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I from the very first occasion, when I saw the “free update to Windows 10” icon on my Windows 7 stationary computer, been very skeptical. When Win 7 arrived after the catastrophe Windows Vista, there was NO free update for Vista users or even no reduced prize :hmm: So “new cool back doors for NSA” I thought. Being happy with my choice of Win 7 instead of Win 8, when I bough my 4 core stationary at summer 2012, I saw really no reason for reservation of a Win 10 copy. Especially since Win 7 at least has a very awesome interface :)

Now I have a friend who for some week ago upgraded to Win 10 from, Win 7. In the Terms of Conditions, that one has to accept, it is declared from Microsoft  that you from now do not have anything that you would call "private" :fear: That was what I myself would expect :paranoid: So my friend decided to go back to Win 7 after some testings. After having restored Win 7 by the option kindly provided by Microsoft, he still had the feeling that Win 10 was there, so he made another restore from a backup of Win 7 made by himself.

I am really glad that I've made the choice of Win 7 instead of Win 8 to my stationary computer :woohoo: And Win 10 I will NEVER test :chainsaw: If it not was because of Ultra Fractal and maybe some other fractal software, I would totally abandon Windows for GNU/Linux. I already run the Linux distribution Ubuntu on my minilaptop :woohoo:

To be honest, they say that ALL the settings regarding privacy and integrity are places in one place where you can put those cool assistances, etc, off. Those settings are said to not been there on Win 8 and Win 7. However, can we really trust at Microsoft that you have privacy when those settings are put to “off”? Not according to The Guardian,

Windows 10 sends identifiable data to Microsoft despite privacy settings

See also,
Windows 10: Microsoft under attack over privacy
also from The Guardian ..

For Swedish readers,
Se Svenska Dagbladet Näringsliv,

Nya Windows sågas för massiv datainsamling

Se också,
Windows 10 – designat för att stjäla användarens integritet!
Svenska myndigheter och totalförsvaret är skeptiska till det nya operativet.. Daniel Akenine, säkerhetschef för Microsoft i Sverige som uttalar sig i Svenska Dagbladet för Microsoft, har också skrivit IT-thrillern 11 gram sanning. Mycket läsvärd.

Swedish authorities as well as the total defense hesitate to upgrade to the new Windows.

And Windows 10, being the last OS from MS (according to what they say), is only free for a period. After that you have to pay an annually fee. I dunno how much.

So at least have no hurry to make your “free” upgrade!

.. and what's the ”terms of conditions” for Mac I have no clue about, so maybe an awesome GNU/Linux distribution is the remaining alternative :D
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Ingvar Kullberg
Current Residence: A little village in the south of Sweden
Favourite style of art: Raw escape fractals
Operating System: Win 7 on my stationary, Ubuntu 12.04 on my lap

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Thanks for faving "My Funniest Valentine".
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My pleasure :) You are a talent fractal artist :D IF you wanna try some free simple "Mandel and Julia type of fractal software, go to this journal. You don't need to know the math behind :wow:

Maybe you would appreciate my Chaotic series of fractal articles (<- click) if you have a little theoretical interest ;)

Regarding deep zooms in the Mandelbrot set, if you check out my deviation Cauliflowerfort and click the link under "Artist's Comments", from page 4 you can follow the entire zoom sequence in 28 steps :wow:

In this journal you have some links to cool fractal animations I stumbled over at YouTube. Also check out the zoom videos in this journal :wow:

.. and from the middle of the nineties there is a fantastic TV program about fractals, Colors of Infinity by Arthur Clarke :) Really beautiful soundtracks by Pink Floyd :aww:
Antares2 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for all these suggestions ! 
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