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May 31, 2012


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Dear friends in especially UK

From the 6 jun to 9 Jun, 2013 the annual Bilderberg Conference the conference that almost not exist, takes place in the Grove Hotel in Watford outside London.. Even if the mainstream media is hardly not covering it, like the earlier years, you can follow the protests outside on live videos from,

(click ->) Infowars (<- click)

If you are new to the Bilderberg group, there is a newly published 25 minutes introduction video with Swedish under texts.

For Swedish readers:
Följande fem svenskar deltar i årets möte,

Carl Bildt (utrikesminister)
Anders Borg (finansminister)
Stefan Löfven (partiledare för Socialdemokraterna)
Jacob Wallenberg (Investor)
Börje Ekholm (Investor)

I huvudsak har det varit dödstyst i svenska medierna. Det lysande undantaget är Svenska Dagbladet, som haft fyra artiklar i vår. Nedan kan ni läsa dom i kronologisk ordning,

Löfven deltar i mytomspunnet maktmöte
"Känns tråkigt att han skall delta"
Slutet sällskap med dold agenda
Här är de fem svenskarna som är med hos Bilderberg

En bra introduktion till Bilderberggtuppen är den nyligen publicerade 25 minuter långa videon Bilderberggruppen - De Hemliga Världshärskarna även nämnd ovan.

.. (31 May to 3 June, 2012) it's time for the top elite of the world to have their annual meeting, where they have their "not secret but private" talk shows about the situation on this planet and how to solve its problems :paranoid: That is the annual Bilderberg meeting 2012, this year in Chantilly, Virginia (US). I suspect that there hardly will be anything about this event in the mainstream media, even not in US :hmm: However there are alternative media that will do their best to cover it. There will also be a lot of demonstrations. All what happens you can follow on,

(click ->) Infowars (<- click)

On Infowars there will be live videos, as well as articles, uploaded under ways. If you find the above sites somewhat obscure, what would the mainstream media be regarded as who don't mention this conference at all!!! If you haven't heard about the Bilderberg Group before, read my earlier journal The Secret Club(s) of the Elite and answer my recent polls.

It's the second time the Bilderberg Conference is hold on that place. The first occasion was at 2008. The last year (2011) the conference was hold at hotel Suvreta in St Moritz in Switzerland.

We must take care of our leaders ..
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Thanks, Ingvar, for your information about that annual conference and those who are invited to attend. I find the posthumanism/transhumanism aspect fascinating! After all, species adopt or evolve over time; and it seems to me using human intellect to (supposedly) improve the human condition isn't a form of cheating. Mind, I'm not comfortable with the thought of humans literally becoming machines; but the world's power elites treat 99 percent of the human population like machines and have done so for millennia. So, really, it's nothing new philosophy-wise. In the past it's been known as pack-animal leader worship or Abrahamic religion, but today it's called "capitalism."

A red flag has been waving in my brain over a statement made by one of the Bilderberg watchers: his opposition to the United Nations due to its supposedly violating the Constitution of the United States. My red flag is warning me anti-U.N. talk is a red herring, waved about by reactionary extremists at the drop of a hat. It calls into question the ethicals and morals of anti-Bilderberg folks who imply the U.S. constitution is some be-all and end-all of social engineering. They've got to be kidding, right?

Well, I'd like to put my mind at rest over these matters; but not via a flood of links, which only leads to other floods of links. Rushing about in a tizzy reading tome after tome with no end in sight has never convinced me of anything apart from its folly, but one-on-one conversation tends to hit home.

No probs Joe. It was only the Swedish attendants I've exposed. The only I know regarding the others is that Kissinger, Rockefeller, and the new Bilderberg star Billy Vaccine Gate may be there. "posthumanism/transhumanism" yeah I've seen little about it but I haven gone further into it. You are right. My own reaction is that I find it very scary :paranoid:

Ooh, that's a big subject. I think there are both left and right wing individuals there among the protesters. I am a little bit against some tendency to "ultra nationalism" (today it's the Swedish National Day). On the other hand I am DEFINITELY against that globalism that the elite advocate for. It's quite truly that the UN is an outcast for a World Government :fear: But that does not means that every individual employed by UN is evil or perform bad things..

Yeah, there will be such a flood of links now you one gonna have a computer brain in order to master everything. Especially when English is not ones mother tongue ;)

I meant to use the word "adapt" in my first paragraph's third sentence. Maybe I need some brain bots to help me remember things?

ArtisticLicenseNow Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the info
My pleasure and even duty ;)
Rozrr Jun 5, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
This will get you into all the links I keep sending that you cannot open:[link] Just sign up...
There are a lot :wow: Thank you so much :)
Rozrr Jun 3, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I just got this about 4am and couldn't get to repost it until right now: [link]
Hope you can access it alright. Let me know if you have any problems.
Ooh, I just get upp some code. Anyhow thanks :) I've seen that the mainstream media in US is starting to mention it now. Really big protests outside the meeting. Much is happening :wow:
Rozrr Jun 3, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I did test the link too. I think you may have to be a member to get the messages.
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